Admit it. The usage of your cell phone for Google Maps instructions while navigating the streets of a strange location or city whilst convenient may be something of a watch strain. However right here’s some right information: if you very own an Amazon Kindle, you may use the pseudo-Kindle GPS feature to run the Google Maps utility and provide you with the needed directions, giving a delivered advantage out of your Kindle.

However is the Kindle the only e-book reader that gives this benefit?

Evidently one of the Kindle’s closest competitions, the Barnes & Noble nook, does permit the use of Google Maps as properly. However Google Maps Marketing Service, there may be one catch: you may best use it while you are in a WiFi place because the nook is best prepared with WiFi connectivity. this will significantly restriction your use of the utility mainly whilst you are in an area wherein you need instructions speedy however don’t know in which you can get a WiFi connection.

Then again, Kindle’s web capabilities fare better when getting guidelines online due to its 3G connectivity. Plus, it’s loose!

But how do you get the Google Maps Marketing Service the usage of the Kindle GPS? Right here are the stairs you must take:

  1. For your Amazon Kindle, press Menu, pick the Experimental segment of your device and click on the fundamental web. For functions of having textual content-best instructions, the use of the simple internet mode is just proper and could take a whole lot less time to retrieve that in case you’re within the advanced or computing device mode.
  2. Before proceeding, it’s far fine to do a clean Cache first to free up some of your reminiscences for net surfing.
  3. Then click on Menu to pick out go to the pinnacle or enter URL. Then type in
  4. Use the 5-manner controller until you attain the go-to phrase. You’ll then be taken to the text instructions for Google Maps.
  5. Bookmark this page (the usage of the Menu button again) so that you won’t need to find the URL again upon repeated use of the software.
  6. The usage of the 5-way control button, enter facts on and from fields. Then pick from the alternatives “with the aid of vehicle”, “by transit”, “strolling”, and “Bicycling”.

Google Maps Marketing Service – With the Kindle GPS and its experimental functions, the Amazon Kindle can take you to locations — now not handiest through studying, but literally as well using Google Maps.

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