So many people have a perverted view of what healthy food and eating is all about.

In the Season Five premier of the television sitcom “The Office,” the corporate office sponsors a competition between all of the branches of their company to see which branch can collectively lose the most weight over the course of eight weeks. In the middle of the challenge, when the weight loss is not going well, one of the characters exclaims, “I can’t do this by myself, people! Come on! Kelly and I are the only ones who have either passed out or almost passed out!”

Sadly, that sentiment is only funny because it echoes the beliefs of many people when it comes to diet and weight loss – no pain, no gain. If you’re not starving, if you don’t feel like you’re dying or going crazy, if you haven’t almost passed out – then you must not be doing it right, Right see the article?

That couldn’t be further from the truth!

In order to be healthy and effective, an eating program must be balanced see the article.

Any eating program that is too extreme on any front – extremely low in carbohydrates, extremely low in fat, or extremely low in calories – is not only bad for your body but ineffective in the long run. If you want to achieve weight loss in a way that is healthy and long term, then you need to employ common sense. If something feels torturous to your body, chances are it is. It absolutely is possible to get healthy and feel great doing it. If you do find yourself in a fast-food restaurant, careful choices and common-sense can still mean a tasty, healthy meal can be found. The best rule of thumb is to try and avoid any food in which the calories from fat makes up more than 30% of the whole product. To work out this percentage, multiply the fat grams by nine (the total fat calories) and divide the result by the total calories. Now, so you don’t have to bring a calculator with you every time you eat, you can quickly become used to recognizing the types of foods and methods of preparation which should be avoided. If the food has been breaded, fried or grilled many times then it’s a safe bet that it’s likely high in fat. Be aware that it’s not only burgers, but chicken and fish as well. Many modern fast-food restaurants also have salad bars, so choose a fresh green salad to accompany your main meal. But again beware of adding fattening extras, such as cheeses, dressings and mayonnaise. Low-calorie dressings, if available, are the best alternative see the article.

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