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Is there a tea lover on your gift list? Or, do you have a special friend who enjoys tea that you’d like to surprise with a “just because” gift? How about a lovely tea gift basket? A gift like this is always appropriate, and is always well received. And, who knows… you might get invited to stay for a cup of tea when you deliver the gift to them!

Tea is becoming more and more popular as people discover that it makes a wonderful alternative to their daily cups of coffee. Part of the reason why so many of us have started to drink more tea is that there have been so many news stories of how scientists and doctors are discovering the different ways that certain teas can improve our health, and even help to prevent some chronic illnesses!

Researchers have studied the history of tea leaves and the consumption of the various types of teas, and have come to the same conclusion as the scientists and doctors, which is that you are much better off drinking tea daily than any other beverage there is!

What can tea do for us? The antioxidants in all teas have been shown to reduce cholesterol levels, give you better cardiovascular health, and help to prevent you from getting certain types of cancer. Tea is also good for your teeth, and can help to keep the plaque at bay. If you are feeling tired, tea can give you a lift. If your thinking has become muddled, tea can clear your head for you. All tea is especially good at helping digestion. Green tea also has been proven to help with weight loss.

Many studies have been done on green tea, and how it can make our health better now and in the future. Green tea has high antioxidant levels, and these antioxidants are able to stop what is known as “free radicals” inside our bodies. What are free radicals and tea collection? They are left behind during cellular metabolism as a form of reactive oxygen. This oxygen takes away electrons from our cell membranes, our DNA, and the protein in our bodies.

Free radicals can cause damage to your heart, cancer, cataracts, and a weakened immune system. Though these free radicals are made by our body every day, there are things that people can do to increase the amount of free radicals that circulate in the body. Smoking and drinking alcohol are two things that can cause even more free radicals to appear in the body.

Antioxidants should be consumed daily and tea collection

To counteract the damage from free radicals, green tea alone has more antioxidants than blueberries, pomegranates, and most other foods.

Years of research have been done in China and Japan, where green tea is hugely popular. Many people have scoffed at some of the stories that have been published about all of the wonderful things that green tea is capable of doing for the human body, but this research is proving that these stories are very true. People in Japan who are smokers have been noted as having half of the lung cancer rate of Americans. The more tea that the Japanese drink in certain areas of the country, the fewer cases of stomach cancer there are.

6000 women in Japan agreed to participate in a special study which lasted for several years. In this study, the women drank at least 5 cups – and usually, more than 5 cups – of green tea. The chances of them having a stroke were cut in half, thanks to the green tea.

Black tea also has properties which make it useful for good health. It contains a chemical called flavonoids which work as antioxidants much as the ones in green tea do. Black tea can help to prevent strokes, and has been shown to keep the arteries healthy.

In recent tests, both green and black tea has proven to help prevent certain forms of skin cancer from appearing. Tests are still ongoing, and the medical profession is excited about the health benefits of tea.

A tea gift basket is a wonderful way of showing your love and appreciation for someone, as well as providing them with something that will help to improve their health. Gift baskets that include tea are very popular, and it will be easy for you to find such a gift basket online. Some people think they can put together a tea gift basket themselves, but your gift will be much more useful if you allow a professional to put it together for you.

Someone who deals with tea all day knows which kinds of tea go well together. You also have the assurance that the tea in your gift basket will be as fresh as possible when you purchase it from a retailer online.

The gift basket will be artfully arranged with the types of tea that you helped to choose. Tea accessories can be included in the basket with the tea, such as tea cups, a small tea pot, a tea infuser, special tea spoons, honey straws, and other tea-related items. You can’t go wrong presenting someone you care about with a tea gift basket for good health!

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