Field Service Technician
Every computer, be it of any brand, will develop technical snags after a particular period of time. If such a situation arises, a computer user (especially if he is from an English-speaking country) prefers to opt for a tech support company to provide assistance. A tech support provider usually offers comprehensive help to a computer via online at least turnaround time, and that too at really reasonable rates.


An online computer support company homes a team of technicians who are well-trained to address all performance-related queries in a computer. A user can contact an expert via a toll-free number provided by the company. In most cases, the experts are available round-the-clock. Once contacted, if the PC user permits, a techie gains access to the PC, identifies the problem, and fixes it if the user purchases a subscription plan on offer.


Although these companies claim and provide comprehensive support for all software-related issues, their support is limited to licensed products that the user has purchased. In most of the cases their subscription plans do not include any third-party product (unless stated otherwise in their promotions). However, often, they do give away their home-made products along with these service packages.


Here are snippets of support areas in online tech support domain:


Operating System Installation and Maintenance


A tech support company can offer world-class solutions to fix all issues related to the performance of a licensed copy of an operating system. The experts help to install and configure an operating system, to optimize it, and to replace the copy with its advanced version. They can also guide the user to keep the OS trouble-free and secure.


Resolution of Connectivity Related Issues and Field Service Technician


Resolving connectivity-related issues with devices and peripherals allied with a desktop or a laptop also comes under the purview of these technicians. They install and maintain most compatible drivers and ensure that they remain free from corruption. Additionally, the experts can also set up and configure a peripheral (printer, scanner, etc.) and fix all software-related hassles with it.


The experts can also ensure that a user enjoys seamless Internet connectivity. They can install and maintain a browser of a user’s liking (browsers are available for free you see), and keep it secure from threats.


Comprehensive Protection from Threats and Field Service Technician


A PC user can contact a technical expert to keep his computer virus-free. A virus removal expert installs, activates, and configures an antivirus copy the user has bought and deploys it to fix all security threats present in the user’s PC. The expert also keeps the antivirus copy free from bugs and upgrades it at the user’s behest.


No More Software Malfunctions


Apart from installation, un-installation, and upgrade services, online computer support companies also provide expert assistance for any issue a software may yield.


Setup and Upkeep of Wireless Network


Although confined to home or to a certain extent small business, online tech support companies also provide limited network support. Technicians can establish a wireless network, connect various wireless devices with it, maintain, and keep it secure from threats.


High demand for certified technicians has resulted in an increase in the number of computer tech support companies in the market. This has made the market more competitive, making things easier, and convenient for a PC user. However, with several players maintaining a foothold in the industry, proper care should be taken to select the right company.

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